A poem dedicted to my daughter.

The Life of an Epileptic

We are a unique breed
To be normal is all we plead.
For that wish runs away,
Because our true nature will haunt us till our last day.

For some, hope stays,
But for others, from this path we cannot stray.
For death to us is near,
For we do not know how long we may be here.

Because all it takes is one,
For our lives to be done.
For some the near death experience is real,
And for those the scars will never heal.

For this thing we can barely control,
And on us and others, it takes a toll.
For all we can do is guess and hope for the best,
And pray that God will take care of the rest.

For this is the life of an Epileptic,
For this is my cross to carry, and I accept it.

Written by: Aaron A.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yep, another store item....and another freebie!!

Nope, I haven't quit yet and I am still not done with flowers!!
This is again a pack of 6 tubes. PU/CU ok and the TOUs are in the zip.
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And yes, I have another freebie for y'all!! Not included in the six pack.
PU/CU ok and TOUs are in the zip. Enjoy!!!

Go here to download!!

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