A poem dedicted to my daughter.

The Life of an Epileptic

We are a unique breed
To be normal is all we plead.
For that wish runs away,
Because our true nature will haunt us till our last day.

For some, hope stays,
But for others, from this path we cannot stray.
For death to us is near,
For we do not know how long we may be here.

Because all it takes is one,
For our lives to be done.
For some the near death experience is real,
And for those the scars will never heal.

For this thing we can barely control,
And on us and others, it takes a toll.
For all we can do is guess and hope for the best,
And pray that God will take care of the rest.

For this is the life of an Epileptic,
For this is my cross to carry, and I accept it.

Written by: Aaron A.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Altered Art CD Clock

This is a beautiful gift for anyone on your gift giving list for any occasion or just for yourself!
A great way to use all those scratched cd's we all have!!

Products needed for this project:

1. CD - used or new if you prefer
2. Pattern paper of your choice
3. Clock works
4. Artificial flower-I used a gerbera daisy. It has many different
    sizes of petal sections
5. Big brads
6. Jeweled brads
7. Round hole punch
8. Adhesive
9. Fingernail file board

Let's get started!!

On the back side of your paper, trace around cd.
Cut out circle just to the inside of line.
Punch four holes in paper at quarter placement.
Apply jeweled 1 brad in each hole. These will be your quarter hour marks.
With adhesive apply paper to cd label side.
If paper is larger than cd, file the edge off with finger nail file.
Take flower apart and use 1 large and 1 medium section of petals. 
With hole punch. punch hole in center of big brad. They are thin and will punch.
Remove tabs on back of brad. They will break off easily.
With clock works, insert center rod thru the center of paper from the back.
With rod now thru the cd and paper, apply both layers of petals to the rod.
thru the center holes in petal sections.
Now apply the big brad onto rod thre the hole you punched.
Tighten down nut that comes with the clock works.
Continue assembly of the clock works with 1 brad at 12, then the others
will be placed right.
Add battery to your clock works.

Congratulations!!!! You are done and now have a gorgeous clock to match your decor or to give to someone special!!!!

Thank you for stopping by!!! Try it, you will have so much fun!!!!

Acetate Card

This is a very easy yet very sophisticated card for any occasion.

Products needed to make this card:

1. Acetate sheet
2. Krylon gold paint pen
3. Stazon ink-your choice of color
4. card stock-your choice of color
5. gold brads
6. gold eyelets
7. Ribbon-your choice of color 
8. Sentiment rubber stamp-your choice
9. Round hole punch

Now, let's get started! 

Cut acetate to double the desired card size and fold in half.

Cut two of desired shape and size of card stock exactly the same.
Stamp sentiment on one piece then distress with ink if so desired.
Leave second piece blank.
Place both pieces together inside acetate card to desired position.
With hole punch, punch thru both layers of acetate and both layers
of card stock at the same time. Punch one hole on each end. 
Remove card stock sandwich from acetate.
Stamp desired decor stamps on front on acetate with stazon ink. Let dry.
Place sentiment card stock inside front flap of card and add 1 brad in each hole.
Place blank card stock inside back flap of card and apply 1 eyelet in each hole.
With krylon pen, paint around front edge of card and let dry.
Tie on ribbon to tp of card.

Congratulations!!! You are finished and have a beautiful card for any occasion!

Thank you for stopping by and reading! Hope you will give it a try!!