A poem dedicted to my daughter.

The Life of an Epileptic

We are a unique breed
To be normal is all we plead.
For that wish runs away,
Because our true nature will haunt us till our last day.

For some, hope stays,
But for others, from this path we cannot stray.
For death to us is near,
For we do not know how long we may be here.

Because all it takes is one,
For our lives to be done.
For some the near death experience is real,
And for those the scars will never heal.

For this thing we can barely control,
And on us and others, it takes a toll.
For all we can do is guess and hope for the best,
And pray that God will take care of the rest.

For this is the life of an Epileptic,
For this is my cross to carry, and I accept it.

Written by: Aaron A.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Ok, here we go......

A - Artistic (I think) ;o)

N - Nature Loving

N - Nitwit hahahaha!!

Now to tag some others......

A - Angela at Creations by Angela

N - No Time To Stamp

N - Nicely Done

Ok, how's that???

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Origami and Vellum........

Ok, here they are!! These are so easy to make and turn out soooo pretty!! These can be used for small gift boxes, candy boxes, and I use them as ornaments on my tree. There are no brads used in these. The brads are there only for reference purposes. The brads are Reg. size Making Memories. I thought this would give an idea of the size of the boxes. They can be made any size using a square piece of material (vellum, cardstock, pp) of your choosing. Mine are made with printed vellum for top and plain vellum for bottom. If there is interest, I will post a tutorial.

Vellum: CTMH
Misc: Ribbon

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Well, lookie here!! I have been tagged by Angie over at Creative Inkspirations!! Thanks dear ;o) I will take care of this afterwhile. Gotta come up with some things about me based on my middle name. Hmm, shouldn't be hard, it's only three letters. Just don't ask my DH, we might be here a while......HAHAHA!!!!

See ya in a bit.......

Still Here.....Sorta :o)

Yep, I think so!! hehe I have been dealing with an absessed tooth for the better of a week and it's about to get me. I am feeling some better right now so I will prolly be back posting in full swing later today or tomorrow.
I have a real goodie to show y'all. Hint: Vellum and Origami!!! Hmmmm, what could it be???? Stay tuned......

Monday, October 1, 2007

No need to adjust your monitor....

You are not seeing things either. I have gone pink. Oct. is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and I have gone pink in honor of this event. Awareness is the key. If you have never had a mammogram, get it done!! If it's time for another one, make that appointment!! Get it done!!! Early detection is a BIG deal!! Get it done!!!!

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Get it done!!! :o)


This one was done for the Sketch Challenge last week at ASB.

I absolutely love this stamp set from TAC. You can get it free!! Ask me how!!

Stamps: Partridge-TAC, Sentiment- TAC

Paper: Kamalaht-TAC, DCWV


Misc: Ribbon, Brad

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More Ornaments

I made a couple more of these. They are also on ASB.

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Green Tree

Ok, another challenge from ASB. Great stuff over there!!! You need to visit!!!

Stamps: Tree-unknown, Love-TAC GWP
Paper: DCWV
Misc: Gold Mesh ribbon, mini brads
Ink: Versacolor

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